Hello runners,
In the thin light of morning all things are possible. How many times have I stood at
the start line and thought that? Too many to count without my decades long spread sheet.

I have stood on the leeward side of a sand dune trying to stay out of the cold morning
wind from the Atlantic Ocean with the discordant strains of Jimmy Hendrix national
anthem. On the opposite side of the county there have been the lights, crowd, and
starting arch at Squaw Valley. In between there was a small town in West Virginia
that started with the low-key timer’s remake that “the course is open” while holding
a wall clock in hand.  And I milled with a thousand plus runners filling the street
in Boonesboro on many a November morning with the glow of the milk jug style
Washington’s monument on the ridge above.

Many friends old and new stood with us as the sky began to glow orange and gold.
Faye has stood with me many times. On occasion we have started and finished together.
  Other time we have run our own pace. I have stood with friends old and new as well as
discovering new friends at the line.

Many events I remember in some detail. But there are so many, many more. We don’t know
what the day will hold for us.  But a positive attitude will get us to take that first
step and then another and another. The comfortable feel of air in and out of our lungs
as we develop a comfortable cadence and before we know it, we are miles from the start.

No one knows what the future will bring. I have missed the thin light a few times this
spring with the cancelation of all events. I do look forward to when we can stand in
some kind of group with anticipation and hope for all things possible.