Find your incentive

There is a double train track near our home with a parallel road
that I often run. Engines will connect to a string of train cars
and pull them forward and back, switching tracks, to line up for
there trip. Of course, they often block the cross roads which
causes motorist to be aggravated. I was about a mile from home
near the end of my run when I heard the air lines fill up and the
train cars slowly groan to life. They happened to be traveling the
same direction as my run. As the cars picked up speed it occurred
to me to see if I could keep pace with the train, or see how long
I could hold their pace. At first it was easy and as is my typical
foolish way I ran faster then the car to my right. I passed a car,
then another. However, the train was still gaining speed and I
modified my goal to hold steady with the tanker car now beside me
until I reached the stop sign at the cross roads. This was a slight
incline, and though I stayed with the tanker, I was pretty spent.
I have used these spurs of the moment incentives to push me before.
Sometimes it is chasing the mail truck as they stop and go. Or a
little less enjoyable, chasing the garbage truck. You really want
to stay ahead of that one. What ever works for you, look for something
to help you along and get a little speed work, or just fun, in your
runs. And if you are like me and go out too fast, perhaps you will
learn from that.

Kev Hawn