I really did not want to go out and run. I procrastinated till the sun came up,
the rain stopped, and I fiddled with my choice of clothes. I felt tired and wanted
to take a nap. But my watch was looking for a satellite and I had shoes in hand.
So out the door I went. Saturday was a long run starting before sunrise and hoping
to get done before the sleet, rain, and slop started. It went OK and now it was
time to follow up with another run on Sunday.

Out the door and the temp was warmer than I expected, about 20 degrees warmer
then Saturday. My route took me slightly rolling, then downhill to the Codorus
creek, and along the creek for some flat running. Easy miles that my watch showed
as a better pace than I expected. OK, maybe I will follow the creek a little longer
then up the Dam hill. Still pulling a good pace on the uphill. Rounded my run out
with a downhill and a little out and back to make the miles come out even.

What a great run. The sky was still heavy with clouds, but I felt full of energy
and had just run one of my fastest paces in several months. I had started out well,
held a good pace throughout including the big hills, and finished strong.

The point is, some days you just need to get out the door.  One foot in front of the
other and start moving. There can be a million reasons to not run. But just get started
and see how it goes.